Doing the things that scare you

What are the things that scare you?  Even writing the title to this post scares me!

The idea of putting my thoughts out there for others to judge is terrifying.  In my head, others only have negative things to say about me, even when a part of the logical side of my brain knows this isn’t true.

The Inner Critic

It shocked me to find out that not everyone sees the world the way I do – that is others don’t have a constant stream of judgement and self-criticism going through their heads.  Imagine that!?  How different it would be to experience the world with more loving thoughts.

Negative thoughts are so attractive though.  Who doesn’t love a bit of drama or a chance to look down at others to make yourself feel good?  Even people who are upbeat and happy often descend into talking about what’s wrong after a few minutes of conversation.  Our egos seem to feed on negativity.

Well, even though I have a very strong inner critic, I’ve decided that it is time to try to ignore that loud voice in my head and start finding my edge.

Finding Your Edge

When you suffer from anxiety, you don’t have to go far to find your edge.  The edge is that point where your fear begins.  That is the point where you start shrinking away from the experiences of the world.  When you are scared of the edge, you stay away from it and your life gradually becomes smaller and smaller until before you know it you won’t venture far from your little bubble of safety at home.

With social anxiety, just being with other people is scary.   However, I have learned that the more I stay away from people the worse my anxiety gets.  My theory is that if you don’t use your social skills regularly then you start to lose them.

The Challenge

My challenge to myself, and anyone who wants to join me, is to make sure that every day for the next month I do something that scares me.  It has to be something that takes me to the edge of my comfort zone but is manageable.

The Goal

The aim of this challenge is to expand my comfort zone and confidence by facing some of my fears in a gradual manner.

Leave me a comment to encourage me or please join me in my anxiety challenge!




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